As third generation farmers we are very conscious of operating a sustainable long-term business. We are very aware of all the resources that go into make fine wine. As people and businesses make efforts to curb their carbon footprint we are making efforts as well to bring to market quality wines with the fewest Grape Miles possible.



At Turkovich Family Wines we source the majority of our grapes from our estate vineyard in the hills just west of Winters, Ca. We also purchase certain varietals from various local vineyards. All of the grapes are brought directly to our winery for vinification and aging.


All of our wines are processed in our new high-efficiency winery. We strive each year to produce our wines with fewer inputs. It is a constant march of progress to use less energy and fewer gallons of water to produce our wines. We are very happy to report that we use < 2 gallons of water for each gallon of wine produced (1/3 of the industry average).


All of our bottled wine is stored on site at our winery; which was completed with modern insulation technology. We are a very small winery and sell nearly all of our wine directly to consumers, i.e. without the use of brokers or distributors. We also self-distribute a small amount of our production to local stores and restaurants. Sustainability and resource management is a constant goal for us at Turkovich Family wines. Please enjoy these wines - brought to you with the fewest Grapes Miles possible.
-Chris & Luciana Turkovich