We are pleased to release our 2011 Syrah-Viognier. This is a very fun wine to make.  Because it is co-fermented. Meaning we harvest the Syrah and the Viognier at the same time and the blend is completed in the vineyard with the grapes.  Most of our wines are brought to the winery and fermented in separate tanks, then barrel aged in separate lots  and finally the wines are blended shortly before bottling. The Syrah-Viognier which is 95% Syrah and 5% Viognier from our Estate Vineyard is married in the vineyard and then grapes are co-fermented and the wine is then barrel aged as one wine.  This co-ferment is done to allow the floralness in the Viognier grape to contribute that character to the Syrah.  Also these two varieties are perfectly suited for each other. Not only does the floral character of Viognier shine through, but by allowing these two varieties to ferment together the resulting wine has a brighter hue of red.  Who would have thought a red and a white grape could to produce a brighter red than a red grape alone?