Newest Edition to the Winery

A few weeks ago while filling barrels in the cellar, it became apparent that there was something missing in the winery. The winery felt cold and dark, (while great for wine) it was not the greatest working environment. Turning the music on helped (a little Jackson Brown will improve any day). But there was still something missing. The winery just was not complete. It just needed a little more personality to help us make truly great wine. I after a few days of reflection we solved the dilemma. The winery was missing just that… personality. And what is the quickest way to add personality? A puppy!

I present to you our official winery dog… Bode.

Bode… Short for Bodeguera, which means Cellar Worker in Spanish is a perfect fit.

Although she was a bit young to help us with our bottling day last week, she has perfected the art of chewing on corks. She recently found her favorite place in the winery for a quick nap; a small, plastic harvest picking box in the corner of the lab. The puppy prefers the vineyard to the winery, after all she is a German Shorthair Pointer and the quail in the vineyard are much more exciting than the Peter, Daniel hand labeling the new Tempranillo.